City of Renton Fire & Emergency Services

The City of Renton’s Department of Fire & Emergency Services mission statement is to maintain a safe and livable city through promoting the reduction of risks to our community, the efficient and effective response to escalating emergencies and by fostering a culture of safety and support for our members.

Since 1993, the District has been in a unique partnership with the City of Renton, whereby all fire and emergency medical services are provided by the City, while the Board of Fire Commissioners remains as the policy makers and representatives of taxpayers who live in the District.

American Red Cross: Seattle

The American Red Cross saves lives. When disaster strikes, we respond with food, shelter and hope. When barriers of distance, language or warfare separate loved ones, we open lines of communication. When families, co-workers and communities must prepare for emergencies, we help them take action.

Each year in our community, we bring together 2,500 people to care for their neighbors, train 100,000 people in life-saving skills and respond to a disaster about once every other day. In emergencies large and small – a house fire, an earthquake, a flood – right here in our community or on distant shores, people can count on the Red Cross.

King County, Washington

Located on Puget Sound in Washington State, and covering 2,134 square miles, King County is nearly twice as large as the average county in the United States. With more than 1.9 million people, it also ranks as the 14th most populous county in the nation.
King County provides regional services to all residents of the county, including people who live in cities. These include courts and related legal services, public health services, the county jail, records and elections, property tax appraisals and regional parks and facilities, including the King County International Airport (Boeing Field). With the voter-approved merger of Metro and King County, county government has also assumed the responsibility for public transit and sewage disposal.
King County provides subregional services in many suburban cities, such as animal control.
In unincorporated communities, King County provides the services listed above and many local services, including land-use regulation, building permits, police protection, roads and local parks. Other local services in unincorporated communities are provided by fire, water, library and hospital districts which operate independently of county government.

United States Fire Administration

As an entity of the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency, the mission of the USFA is to provide national leadership to foster a solid foundation for our fire and emergency services stakeholders in prevention, preparedness, and response.

Federal Emergency Management Association

FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

DISASTER. It strikes anytime, anywhere. It takes many forms — a hurricane, an earthquake, a tornado, a flood, a fire or a hazardous spill, an act of nature or an act of terrorism. It builds over days or weeks, or hits suddenly, without warning. Every year, millions of Americans face disaster, and its terrifying consequences.

FEMA has more than 3,700 full time employees. They work at FEMA headquarters in Washington D.C., at regional and area offices across the country, the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, and the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland. FEMA also has nearly 4,000 standby disaster assistance employees who are available for deployment after disasters. Often FEMA works in partnership with other organizations that are part of the nation’s emergency management system. These partners include state and local emergency management agencies, 27 federal agencies and the American Red Cross.


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